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Update 22nd April 2019
I left LakeHub November 30th 2018. It has been such great pleasure and honour working to strengthen the technology and innovation space in Western Kenya for the past few years.

I left with the intention to enjoy a whole year of retirement – doing nothing, really. However, after about a month and half into semi-retirement and a bit of travel, lazying around, and introspection, I decided to move to Nairobi. I have since been actively involved in setting up the Association of Startup & SMEs Enablers of Kenya (ASSEK).The Association is now up and running! 🙂

PS: I left Ask Without Shame December 30th 2016, and no longer actively involved in Mozilla activities. Perhaps I should return to Mozilla activities later this year. Will see.


I am director at LakeHub. I oversee community and partnerships. My role includes, but not limited to growing the community and establishing and maintaining partnerships within the community and for the community.

Founded Village Code, a community driven initiative that is taking code lessons to children and marginalized peoples in East Africa.

Recently co-founded Ask Without Shame. Building a platform where East African youth can access to sex education without shame from qualified medical experts. Pilot ongoing in Uganda and Kenya.

Founder and captain of Mozilla Kisumu, where we #TeachTheWeb.

I am also working on a governance solution (yet to find a name, and partners for it).

There is also this free websites for schools projects that I founded and it is did pretty well, but slowed down a bit. We are reviving it though 🙂

I like to travel, about 30 countries so far. Aiming for 50 by the time I become 35. So send me those free invites/tickets.

And, oh, I have just begun learning JavaScript.


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